Mindful Photography for Wellbeing Course

Mindful Photography

For years now, photography has been something I have used to support my well-being. Combining being outside, with nature and my camera or my phone has always been a calming activity, one of the few activities that I do that can completely put me in the present moment and also put me in a state of flow – two things that have been proven to support wellbeing.

I have been fortunate to be trained in the evidence-based Look Again mindful photography methodology. You can find more information about Look Again here - Look Again Mindful Photography for Mental Health Wellbeing and Resilience (look-again.org).

Ruth Davey, Founder and Director of Look Again describes Mindful Photography as:

“…a tool that uses our sight and the lens of a camera or smartphone as an anchor to help us become more consciously aware of and connected to the present moment. It is experiencing the process of creating photographs in a nonjudgmental way, with gratitude and compassion towards ourselves, others and the world around us. It enables us to slow down, look, look again and see our lives differently.”

The Look Again methodology has been researched by Gloucester university and has been found to increase the well-being of participants, including increasing connection, confidence, self-esteem and mindfulness skills.

My experience as a participant in the Look Again course has helped me connect with myself and my surrounding environment to benefit my well-being. It has helped me to learn more skills in being in the present moment, and those mindfulness skills help me every day and impact how I respond in every situation and interaction, in a more contented and positive way.

I am excited to have developed my Mindful Photography course, which is now booking for March 2023.  There will be formats to choose from – in person, in Holt Country Park, North Norfolk or online via Zoom.


The Pied Wagtail Mindful Photography for Wellbeing Course

This course is not a technical course on photography – you won’t learn how to use the settings on your camera; you don’t even need a camera – a smartphone will do.

This course is not about creating the perfect image; it’s about exploring well-being via the process of mindful photography, seeing things in a new way and creating an image with intention.

The course has a focus on education, experience, and encouragement.


In this course, you will:

  • Explore mindfulness and well-being themes such as connection, resilience and compassion
  • Learn mindfulness strategies to support wellbeing
  • Learn to slow down, ground yourself and spend more time in the present moment
  • Connect with yourself and nature
  • Learn to see in a new way
  • Participate in creative mindful photography activities
  • Connect and learn with others through group conversation
  • Experience mindful meditation


Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone who has an interest in mindfulness, being in nature and photography. You may be on a wellbeing journey and looking for dedicated time for yourself to be present and connect with others, or looking for strategies to implement in your everyday life to support your wellness.


Details for the courses are in the below table. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions, would like to know more or to book your place – breanne@thepiedwagtail.co.uk


Face to Face



Holt Country Park

Edgefield Hill


NR25 6SP



5 weeks

4 weeks


Friday 3 March

Friday 10 March

Friday 17 March

Friday 24 March

Friday 31 March

Monday 6 March

Monday 13 March

Monday 20 March

Monday 27 March

Time per session

2.5 hours:

1:30pm – 4pm

1 hr 45 mins:

6:45pm – 8:30pm




What’s included in the price?


Photo Journal

3 photos per week printed for you to include in your journal

Digital Workbook

*Please note that a minimum number of participants is required to run a course. If this number isn’t reached, the course will be cancelled.