My path to coaching

I was drawn to a career of service and supporting others whilst I was working in the corporate sector as a Bookings Coordinator, arranging interpreters for d/Deaf people. This job led me to see the inequalities and discrimination experienced by marginalised groups and communities. I created a goal to become a Social Worker and specifically work with the d/Deaf community. And that’s what I did. I learned sign language and embarked on a Social Work degree at university. Once I had qualified, I was fortunate that a social work position in a Sensory Services team had become available. I was successful at interview and worked in that team for three years.

I then moved on to different types of social work in the Statutory Sector. I have experience in the following social work areas:

  • Sensory Services
  • Children’s Palliative Care
  • Adult Community
  • Crisis and emergency
  • Brain injury rehabilitation
  • Physical injury rehabilitation
  • General Hospital Discharge

After leaving Social Work, I worked in Mental health Education and with people with medium to severe mental health challenges. I was drawn to working within mental health after experiencing my own mental health challenges. My first experience of mental health challenges was whilst working for a children’s hospice. My challenges included intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, insomnia and dissociation. Through self- coaching and various support, I have overcome those challenges and move forwards.

Coaching isn’t mentoring or advice-giving; however, I have shared my background here as a way of demonstrating the professional and lived experience that enables me to ask the right questions to help guide and support you to achieve change. I have lots of experience setting goals and achieving them, and I have experience with lots of different people experiencing lots of different challenges. I can hold a space for you and help you find your solutions.

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