Overall I have enjoyed my sessions. Breanne has a good way of making you think about what it is you’re saying you want and I enjoy her personality in those interactions. At times I have found some things challenging but I think that’s largely why I have felt so stuck as I felt unable to tackle the challenges and that’s why I have ended up so overwhelmed. The sessions have helped me process my own thoughts and behaviours into some actionable steps
- Terry

Breanne has an easygoing, amiable communication style. Her supportive and motivational tone made it easy to learn and absorb the knowledge and guidance provided in each session. My original needs have not only been met but they have also been exceeded. Breanne listened and absorbed each point that I made, then with her knowledge and expertise was able to provide me with the beneficial tools that I needed as an individual. I have already seen a dramatic improvement in myself, not only in the original needs that I set but in other areas of my life too.
- Callum

Breanne is very calm and has a soft and empathetic communication style, actively listening and giving the client time to talk whilst also being very encouraging and supportive. This helped put me at ease right from the beginning and I felt comfortable talking through my feelings and experiences with her and exploring my personal barriers and ways to address these. Having not had exposure to coaching before I didn’t quite know what to expect so it was a new experience for me with the opportunity arising at a time where I was at a difficult crossroads in my life. I felt that I got something out of every one of the sessions that I attended through being able to be very open and honest with Breanne in discussions and through the questions that Breanne asked and the thought processes that were triggered from her questions. This is credit to Breanne’s coaching skills and techniques and the professionalism shown throughout. All of the needs that I identified at the beginning have been addressed and more. I have learnt some very useful skills to help me going forward with my proposed new career path but also in challenging negative thoughts and beliefs and in other aspects of my life. The reporting into Breanne on a weekly basis also helped to motivate me to deliver on my action plan and I have noticed a significant improvement in my levels of self-esteem and self-confidence since starting the sessions.
- Caroline

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