What does a coaching session look like?

I offer semi-structured sessions and bespoke unstructured sessions. The topics have already been chosen with semi-Structured sessions, and I guide the session with relevant activities and questions. However, the sessions are still focused on you getting what you need.

With bespoke unstructured sessions, you set the agenda for our time together for each session.

We will explore what you want to achieve in the short-term and long-term sessions, looking at your dreams and aspirations and exploring your current situation.

We will look at options, strategies, courses of action, resources, strengths and what else might be needed to achieve your goal. Part of this may be looking at barriers and obstacles stopping you from working towards your goal. This could include limiting beliefs and mindsets and self-esteem and confidence. We will focus on what action can be taken to get you to where you want to be using a range of coaching tools and strategies.

We will set an action plan which will be reviewed and built upon in subsequent sessions.

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