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The Pied Wagtail

Do - Be - Feel - Remember

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50 page notepad, 120gsm 

We can’t possibly fit everything in our to do list in one day. Plus, there are other important things to be aware of and to remember. 

This notepad combines four lists in one and you can use it in whichever way suits your needs. 

How I use it is in the following way:


To Do - I transfer the most important tasks on to the pad so I focus on just those for the day. 

To Be - to remind me of my strengths. Depending on what’s happening that day, perhaps I need to be courageous or compassionate. 

To Remember - I need to remember my affirmations, things that boost my wellbeing or to check in with myself. E.g. Take breaks, you are loved, music makes me happy, you are enough. 

To Feel - I use this to remember to be aligned to my values. Depending on how I feel or what’s happening in the day, perhaps I need to feel curious, or love, or gratitude.