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Jungle Culture

Tea Light Holder Set - Coconut Shell

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Jungle Culture

Coconut shell tea light holders by Jungle Culture are handmade in rural Vietnam by talented artisan craftspeople. We use 100% eco-friendly, natural and organic coconuts to create our range of unique tea light holders, making them ideal for relaxing at home, weddings or events.

The majority of coconuts in Vietnam are harvested for their milks and oils, after which the coconut shells are either discarded or burned. Our zero waste tealight holders help prevent excess coconut shells from being burned and they provide a much needed secondary income for local farmers and craftspeople.

Set Contains:

2 x Natural coconut tea light holders
1 x Printed kraft paper gift box

  1. Reclaimed & upcycled: Our coconut tea light holder sets are all upcycled from discarded coconut shells. Each sustainable tea light holder is 100% unique in size, shape, colour and texture!
  2. Stunning home decor: Coconut tea light holders are perfect for recreating that special beach mood. They’re also ideally suited as table settings, mood creators at weddings and beach themed parties and events.
  3. Natural & organic: We do not use any inorganic products to craft our tea light holders. Each shell is polished using virgin coconut oil to give it a stunning shine!
  4. Vegan friendly: Absolutely no animal products are used to produce our tea light holders or any Jungle Culture products. All of our products are also cruelty free.
  5. Dimensions: Sizes vary, but most tea light holders have a diameter of between 12cm-14cm and a height of 6cm.

Please do not leave your tea lights unattended at any time whilst burning.

Make sure to use safe tea lights, purchased from a reputable brand.

Keep away from drafts and vibrations.

Never burn your tea light near objects that are flammable or may catch fire.

Do not leave your candle near pets or children.