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The Positivity Pack

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This pack is about creating actionable tasks to achieve a monthly goal you have been wanting to achieve for some time alongside helping you build a positive mindset via daily prompts.

Each card contains the first 30 cards from our main positivity pack on the front, containing daily prompts to help motivate and inspire, with each day focussing on a different theme based around our 7 areas of wellbeing;

Gratitude | Motivation | Wealth | Kindness | Wellbeing | Familial | Organisation

On the reverse, you will find an actionable daily Task list for you to commit to based on the initial monthly goal you set out to achieve. The daily task list is to remind you of the most important tasks that you need to action to make you closer to achieving that goal.

There is also space at the bottom to write your daily gratitude, practicing gratitude improves your positive emotions, daily experiences and helps build stronger relationships.

All of our products are designed an made in the UK supporting UK designers and printers.


  • Made in Britain
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13 cm x 9cm x 1.5cm

Made from

FSC certified papers, printed in the UK